How To Find Extra Cash For The Holidays

cash for holidaysThe holiday season is upon us again and we all love shopping, but you have to have money. With the current economy, finding extra cash for things that you want may become a little tricky. Want to learn how to find extra cash for the holidays?  Consider these methods for bringing in more money:

Hold A Virtual Garage Sale

Search the house for belongings you no longer need or use. Sell them locally or online and reap the benefits of having rid the house of clutter while generating some extra cash. Clear out your garage and basement and sell your goodies online. Make sure to write appealing product descriptions and take high-quality photos to increase the chance of sales. EBay is easy to use, but you can also stick with Craigslist or other local sites.

Look For Freebies

Check your wallet for gift cards you haven’t finished using. See how many reward points you’ve earned through credit cards. To maximize the points, evaluate making purchases through the card’s online partners. If using a cash-back card, consider redeeming the money available.

Cut Back On Expenses

This may sound cliché, but when you have a finite amount of money and you want to increase your spending, you have to eliminate or decrease spending somewhere else. Make a conscious decision where to temporarily eliminate, or reduce, spending. This will make money available for holiday purchases.

Consider Regifting

For some people, regifting has been given an undeserved bad image. Nevertheless, when looking at the facts, it actually makes perfect sense. A perfectly good item that isn’t going to be used benefits no one if it’s sitting in someone’s closet. It could very well be the gift someone else could appreciate and have a use for it.

Instead of Purchasing Gifts, Give the Gift of Self

Little do people realize that time is money. You can donate your time in another person’s name to a charity. You can then send cards to those on your gift list letting them know of this contribution. It will likely be more appreciated and remembered longer than any store-bought present. As an added bonus, it may inspire them to do the same.

Work at Your Favorite Store During the Holidays

Since finances could be a little tight this time of year, take advantage of seasonal hiring by finding a second job. Do something enjoyable and allocate each holiday paycheck for buying gifts.  Take advantage of the employee discounts to buy gifts.  Working a 20-hour-per-week job can add up to hundreds of dollars by year-end.

Charge Wisely

When you begin charging your holiday expenses, make sure that you put all of your spending on one card. Make a commitment to pay back that debt in the first quarter of the following year.  This will not only avoid paying excessive interest on the debt you incurred the prior year, but will also prevent comingling holiday spending with your existing debt. Moreover, it will give you a clearer picture of how much you spent during the season.

At the end of the day you always want to make sure that you’re helping, not hurting, your bottom line.

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